On-Site Performance Testing

Heartland Contractors is a certified Focus on Energy builder/contractor to ensure your new home is comfortable, combustion safe, energy efficient, and durable. A Focus on Energy New Home is at least 10 percent more efficient than homes that are merely built to code, which means lower energy costs and more efficient performance.

On Site Performance Testing, LLC (Third Party Energy Consultant Company) conducts two site visits to inspect construction, mechanicals and overall performance; conducts scientific tests to ensure the proper performance of the air sealing, insulation, ventilation and combustion equipment, and once the home passes all reviews and tests, certifies your home.

Expect air tightness that minimizes drafts and creates superior indoor air quality; sealed combustion equipment and carbon monoxide detectors to ensure combustion safety and whole-house ventilation for proper circulation.

Focus on Energy New Home owners who have sold their homes reported that prospective buyers valued energy efficiency when purchasing a home.